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​What is an Easy Cup?


It can be used as a substitute for sanitary pad. It is an insert type such as tampon. It is reusable and it is made of medical silicone and has little side effects.


Why should I choose an Easy Cup?


​It can be used for a long time because it is made of valve type and can only extract menstrual blood without removing the menstrual cup.

(We recommend washing once a day.)

There is no unpleasant smell!

Comfort enough to forget whether you are menstruating!

Reusable and economical cost reduction!

(Recommended period of use is 1 year)

Made from Dow Corning's genuine medical silicone

It is also possible to be used for sensitive skin! No worries about germs!



It is approved by SGS, FDA for sale.

(We are not responsible for the negligence of administration or side effects caused by inadequate use.)



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